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Can I print from the library computers?

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Students are provided with printing funds through Pharos, the library’s print management system. Printing includes sending the print request from the computer they have logged onto, agreeing to the amount of the print in the Pharos window on the computer and going to the printer station to sign in and release the document. Non-student users are not able to print.

1. Select the Print option (If you can’t find it, press Control+P on the keyboard).

2. Make sure the correct printer is selected (“LIBRARY PRINTER on ECLIPSE")

3. Choose single- or double- sided copies. Cost is 10¢ per single-sided page and 15¢ per double-sided page. Note: The default is double-sided.

4. Click the Print button.

5. Check the number of pages and job cost in the pop-up window. If they’re correct, click “Yes.”

6. Log on to one of the two stand-up stations next to the printers.

7. Click the name of a document to select it,

8.  Click the yellow Print button at the bottom right side of the screen.